Why Choose VoIP?

Better Connection Quality

There is nothing worse than a bad connection with the customer on the phone. They will see your business as less professional. They might be wondering about other areas you are cutting corners on if your main communication tool is having issues. This is a problem with older lines that degrade over time. Voip phone calls are high fidelity and done with connection speeds that erase many of the phone call quality issues a lot of companies have.

Better Customer Experience

The customer experience is key to the success of your brand. Without happy customers coming back and spreading the word, your company will sink. One of the things that modern customers demand is a great user experience.

You can enable better user experiences when you ditch the old phone and get the best VoIP business phone service that is easier to use for your agents. For instance, they can see vital information about the customer pop up with their integrated Voip system so they can solve the customer’s problem faster. This reduces hold times that agents sometimes need to look up information and increases customer satisfaction.

Integrate Communications Between Departments and Team Members

Long gone are the days where companies had departments that were like silos. An accountant might not have to communicate with sales or marketing and vice versa. However the modern world has changed all of that.

In a business reality where each department is connected and relevant to the overall experience, you need a solid way for them to communicate with each other and share information about customer journeys. This is what you can do with voip solutions that other options don’t provide.

For instance, you can leverage your CRM data to see exactly what a customer’s concern was after they bought the product. Then, when the sales person is on the phone with the customer to try and save the deal, they can see everything from the emails between customer service agents to the purchase price and even special notes on the customer’s account. It all hooks seamlessly into modern voip phones.

Lower Expenses

A business phone system can be costly. However, it doesn’t have to be. Much of the cost comes from relying on old fashioned techniques and systems. When you use voip, you’re sending bits and bytes through the web, not tying up a telecom’s resources. Because of this, you can enjoy lower prices for your phone needs.